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Changing your Yalla Baby Delivery Date

Steph, Parent Happiness Expert

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It's gruesome when we forget to have our baby essentials delivered on the date we wanted, we may be running out of stocks without even knowing it! Good thing that being subscribed with Yallababy, we make sure to deliver your needs every month right around the same time!

But if you need to have it delivered earlier or later than your usual delivery date, you can do so!

First, log in to your Yallababy account and head over to the MY SUBSCRPTION section:

Second, on the NEXT BOX DELIVERY click the pencil-like button beside the indicated date of your order

It will then show you a calendar wheere you can change to your preferred date.

Lastly, don't forget to click SAVE and you're DONE!

If you need further assistance, you can always reach us at:

Email: hello@yallababy.com
Whatsapp#: +971 5444 77263
Call us at: +971 4 450 2600

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Steph, Parent Happiness Expert