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Principal Lisa, The Potty Queen


There is no great mystery to potty learning, children tend to pee about 6 times a day and poop once or twice.

The trick is getting them into the potty or toilet and knowing how to create interest, motivation & connection. It’s simply learning!

- Learning a new skill
- Embracing change
- Making connections
- Understanding our bodies
- Follow a pattern
- Creating habits
- Communication
- Intuition
- Starting new rituals

All change takes time. All changes need adjustment.

There are so many reasons that toddlers do pees and poops where they shouldn’t... the main word to take away from this post is.... Wait for it... wait some more...

Learning. Yep learning!


In fact you are both learning. Remember healthy and positive associations with pee and poop for life...

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Principal Lisa, The Potty Queen