Top Tips To Connect With Nature

Principal Lisa, The Potty Queen


#1 Nature is everywhere and it can provide us with opportunities to connect with the world around us whether you are in the desert, forest, city or beach

#2 Connecting with nature for children can be simple... feet in the sand, the earth, early morning walks, collecting leaves, searching for ants and bugs or watching birds fly

#3 Finding water to play with from puddles to streams to the sea...

#4 Finding small creatures teaches us that we share the planet...

#5 Researching animals in foreign lands, learning facts, understanding our part in protecting the planet and our friends the animals....

#6 Researching far flung countries and talking about different climates around the globe...

#7 Go for a nature walk- paying attention to sounds and smells along the way... collecting shells, twigs, leaves and cones

#8 Visit your local garden centre and compare different plant varieties. You could help by watering them?

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Principal Lisa, The Potty Queen