Top Tips For When Your Child Says NO!

Principal Lisa, The Potty Queen


1* TIP

Get down to their level to give support and eye contact. Sometimes sitting down helps to show you are listening and available.

2* TIP

Listen more and talk less- if we want our children to be good listeners we need to model the desired behaviour.

3* TIP

Children rise and fall along with our expectations- let your child know you believe in them and their many wonderful traits; and that you trust them to make a positive choice.

4* TIP

Disarm the moment with empathy- "I understand it's disappointing that we need to head home now".

5* TIP

Offer them a two choice frame. "Would you like to run to the car or jump? When we get to the car would you like to listen to Mummies songs or your songs?"

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Principal Lisa, The Potty Queen