Settling in After Maternity – Tips for Mums, Dads and Babies ✅

Ms. Khadija Niazi, CreaKids By Dibber Al Barsha South 2 Branch Manager


Pregnancy- Check ✅

Labour- Check ✅

Maternity/ Paternity leave-  ‘Uh-Oh’ 😬

Going back to work after parental leave is one of the most challenging transitions as new parents, not only because you are handing over your beautiful new arrival to someone who you are still getting to know, but also because you are mentally still adjusting to parenthood. You must go back to your office routine, but now as a completely new person, new challenges, new concerns and it can all feel very overwhelming. So we are here to lend a hand and be the village that you need to ease you into this new journey.

Easing into your new routine- While you may have an image in your mind about what life is like with a small child, more often than not real life does not resemble the Pinterest ideas we aspire it to be. Allow yourself and your baby to feel emotions- sad, anxious, overwhelmed as you hand over your child to your child’s teacher. It is only natural that you may be feeling more anxious than your baby. Do ask questions and clear your mind regarding any confusion that you may have about their routine, sleep times, nap times and begin to do so a few weeks in advance from their first day at nursery. This helps build a relationship of trust between your child, staff and parents.

Planning the day- While it is always best to have a set routine for yourself and your child, learn and anticipate delays and unexpected poos and wees right before you have something planned. Plan a schedule to organize yourself, this also helps to take away the anxiety that is caused due to not knowing what comes next. Do also seek support and help from your child’s nursery, communicate what you expect from them and get to know their expectations from you when it comes to being present for daily updates regarding your child’s day. 

Prioritize yourself- Remember to be kind to yourself, we often tend to become our worst critics. Organize yourself and keep your to do lists. Allow yourself and your baby some flexibility also. Rest and make time for the cuddles, they are the best stress relievers at the end of a workday!

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Ms. Khadija Niazi, CreaKids By Dibber Al Barsha South 2 Branch Manager